We don't just find solutions, we create them.

6/19/2022: We have expanded our team to include in house full stack programmers. We have been working on a new and exciting project; Augmented Reality to be launched this summer. Stay tuned for more details. Contact us for investment opportunities.



7/19/2021: Finally granted the patent and are relaunching Smakaball. Contact us for investment opportunities.



10/23/2020: Into Virtual Reality? Want to walk through your dream home before building it? What if you could walk through your dream home and move a wall a little here, or add a window there, or even spin the house to get sunlight into the master bedroom. Be confident in what you are getting in your dream home before you build it. Contact us for a no risk, free consultation.



9/20/2020: Expanding to new industries. Concrete has proven to be a commodity in demand, even through the toughest economic times, such as during the Covid lock downs. Per capital the most used commodity is water. The second is Concrete. Diversify.



7/1/2020: Happy and excited to start planing the relaunch of Smakaball for 2021; A flagship product that will be reinvented with the current market in mind.


When Smakaball was launched back in 2012, it was met with tremendous interest which culminated into great success in the form a media campaign and placement in Walmart Stores nationwide.


Lessons were learned, one of which was that shipping costs were outrageous.


We have redesigned the same product to fit in packaging almost half the size as the original, but keeping the same product size as the original.


If you haven't heard of it yet, you will. Check it out at Smakaball.com.


If you have your own invention you are interested in pursuing, contact us for a no risk, free consultation.



5/5/2020: Have CAD red lines you need fixed ASAP. Click here for immediate service.



3/24/2020: In a rapidly changing world, as COVID-19 changes the economic landscape, we are ready to offer Remote Business Consultation and Solution Services, (RBCSS).


RBCSS is our BCSS service, custom designed to address today's reality. We offer a custom solution that can be deployed remotely, over the Internet, which promotes work flow to be uninterrupted as business worldwide adapts to the current environment.


The custom solution is based on Google Suite Services and is fully customizable to your business operations.


In the business world, much like the natural world, you must adapt or die.


Let us help your company survive through the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us for a no risk, free consultation.



2/3/2020: Just helped a company increase their annual sales by $1,000,000.00 over the previous year. This client took advantage of our Business Consultation and Solution Services, (BCSS), which includes:


1) A detailed hands on study of the business. Every job is different but full access to the operations of the business enables us to determine the strengths and weaknesses.


2) We develop a report describing the problems and solutions addressing those problems.


3) Implementation of the solutions which include tweaking the solutions as needed until the customer's goal is met.


BCSS also includes Google Suite Services.


We have been helping small businesses grow with custom Google Suite Applications.  Get your company working efficiently and effectively with a custom solution backed by the power of Google.


Half the price of a custom application, and we can get it done in half the time. Contact us for a no risk, free consultation.


12/14/2019: Helped design a solar solution for a residential home. We pitched the client a more passive heating and cooling solution, but the client decided it was too "off the grid" for the client's liking. To each, their own. Maybe you would be interested in solar or passive heating and cooling for your home too. Contact us for a no risk, free consultation.


05/05/2019: Facilitated our client being awarded a large government contract. Since our team is mostly from people born and raised in the D.C. area, some might say we have the inside track inside the beltway. Could your company use some affordable advise regarding how to win government contracts? Contact us for a no risk, free consultation.


3/26/2019: We designed a beautiful custom home for a lovely family in Northern Virginia, complete with geothermal HVAC system, which was tied into their heated floors, patio, and walkways. Not to mention the passive heating and cooling accomplished with informed placement of fenestration and foliage in relation to the sun's path. Contact us to talk about your dream home.